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Water Cooled Panels

How water cooled system operate in an electric arc furnace?

Water cooled system composing of water cooled panels, water cooled roof and water cooled elbow is an integral part in the operation of an electric arc furnace.

Typically, there are several water cooled systems. Some operations require extremely clean, high quality cooling water. Transformer cooling, delta closure cooling, bus tube cooling and electrode holder cooling are all such applications. These systems will consist of a closed loop circuit, which conducts water through these sensitive pieces of equipment. The water in the closed loop circuit passes through a heat exchanger to remove heat. The circuit on the open loop side of the heat exchanger flows to a cooling tower for energy dissipation. The water cooled elements such as water cooled panels, water cooled roof panels, water cooled offgas system ducting, water cooled furnace cage etc. will receive cooling water from a cooling tower.

The cooling circuit consists of supply pumps, return pumps, filters, a cooling tower cell or cells and flow monitoring instrumentation. Sensitive pieces of equipment normally have instrumentation installed to monitor the cooling water flow rate and temperature. For most water-cooled equipment, interruption of the flow or inadequate water quantities can lead to severe thermal over loading and in some cases catastrophic failure.

We offer a complete service which includes design, manufacture, hydrostatic testing and installation of water cooled panels and other water cooled components of an electric arc furnace.

We are in business to serve you. If you have problem with water cooled components and are looking to extend the longevity of your equipment, as well as eliminated costly downtime due to leaks, then consult us.

The following pictures represent typical water cooled panels and water cooled elbow manufactured at Tam Celik. Contact us to see if we can meet needs of your water cooled system!

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